Making your LDR work

WITH Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the atmosphere suddenly changes and everything around us seem to be filled with love. Cut-out hearts are hung in malls, flowers, chocolates and teddy bears for sale are displayed everywhere. On days leading to Feb. 14, everyone seems to be extra sweet, thoughtful, and caring toward their loved ones. But what about those whose partners are somewhere far away? Those whose date nights consist of video calls and photos sent to each other? People who are in long-distance relationships know first-hand the struggles of not being with their partner. And more than ever, Valentine’s Day seems to amplify that longing to be with their loved one. So how can one feel at ease when their partner is nowhere near their side? Here are some thoughts on making long-distance relationships work.

Love over distance.

Remember, distance is just a number in miles or kilometer. Keep in mind that your love for each other is greater than any distance between you and your partner. As the saying goes, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” These days, technology makes it easier to keep in touch with your partner—there’s video calling via Skype, chatting in Facebook Messenger, sending funny pictures through Snapchat, and the list goes on. Communication is an important part of any relationship, so keeping in touch with your partner is sure to ease the misery of not being with each other.

Patience is a virtue.

Couples who are in different time zones know that a five or 10-hour time difference can take its toll on any relationship. But that shouldn’t be a reason to give up. Make a schedule of the most convenient time for both of you and make the most out of it. Squeeze in as much time as you can for your partner, or leave a message when both of you are unavailable. That way, you can be updated on each other’s activities even when you’re both busy.

Ask only for what your partner can give.

You and your partner have separate lives, routine and daily schedules. Do not demand what you know your partner cannot give at the moment. Also, try not to disrupt your personal schedule just to communicate with your partner, and you shouldn’t demand the same. The upside of a long distance relationship is that it strengthens your love for each other, even if you do not get to talk as much as you want.

Be their number one fan.

Being alone in a foreign country is not easy for your partner. Your partner needs all the support he or she can get from you amid all the the fears, doubts and hardships that they might be feeling. Be their number one fan and supporter and the inspiration in their life’s adventures and endeavors.

Sacrifice for success and growth.

Success is sweeter when shared with your partner. Maximize the time you have by learning, growing, and improving yourselves in your separate journeys so that you and your partner can be successful together in the future. Get as much experience as you can and continue accomplishing the little and big goals you both have.