Fetalvero: Of tools and quiet time

COOKS have kitchen aids that come in very handy when cooking different kinds of dishes considering the variety of ingredients.

A juicer, strainer, blender, can opener, garlic and ginger crusher, peeler, tongs, pizza slicer, brush—among the many other convenient kitchen aids—facilitate the process of preparing food.

Our students are equipped with tools as well: Scientific calculators, computers, rulers, erasers, protractors, sharpeners and books aid them in their quest for knowledge. Carpenters have their tool boxes, while architects and engineers have their rolled blueprints. Businessmen have their ledgers, rubber stamps and calculators. Physicians hang their stethoscope on their necks, and equip themselves with blood pressure monitoring devices and prescription pads.

My point is that most of us, if not all, have handy tools. In a world that tends to disregard the value of human life, as evidenced by the recent bloody carnage in Las Vegas, what are we to do amid all the violence? Headlines such as the rape and murder of a nine-year-old by a relative, extra- judicial killings in connection with the war against illegal drugs, the hazing that led to the death of a law student define what we have become and a sad state for a Catholic nation.

There is that book gathering dust in one of our shelves at home and waiting to be opened and read. Parables from the Holy Bible were not only intended to tell a story but to guide us every step of the way. Psalms, Proverbs and the Book of Wisdom which is the transition from the Old and New Testament are tools or spiritual guidelines as we go through the rigmaroles of living.

Negative verbal exchanges through the media, bashing, and the posting of false information aimed to destroy somebody’s reputation and dignity are no match for the positive effects of quiet time. The Church hierarchy should push for the reading of the Holy Bible by Catholic and Christian families as a regular family activity at home. The Holy Bible has been and will always be the Good News of our Salvation. I believe reading the Holy Bible is what is called for in this troublesome time. I may sound sanctimonious but that is not my intention.

Ringing of church bells at a designated time to express opposition to certain issues in government is not enough. Our legislators have been so busy crafting laws. No legislation would rekindle our sense of Godliness.