The news feed is dark and full of terrors

Luis A. Quibranza III

AS I write this column, I hear layers and layers of both unpleasant and pleasant sounds coming from all angles. An electric drill for instance; not the type that people think they feel, hear when they have a bad migraine, but a real one, grinding non-stop through concrete in the name of speedy renovation. And when there’s a slight chance for a bit of silence, hammers start to drum up a slow rhythm, way better than drills, if you ask me. Then just about when the hammering paradiddles start to die down, our artist’s playlist fills in the background with his eclectic playlist of ‘80s throwback music. It’s around this time, when I feel a bit of solace, when the drill comes back in play. If only construction could drill on the right side of the building as well; at least I’d enjoy the noise in stereo.

But work did not stop. The good, artsy people of SunStar have added another skill in multi-tasking. These things do not bother the awesome people in the office. The world does not stop for a few bumps on the road no matter how annoying these may seem. Life goes on.

However, most people were pretty much in tune to yesterday’s first episode of the highly acclaimed TV series Game of Thrones. Pop culture probably skipped a beat or two in anticipation.

The show is on its seventh season, the second-to-last. The first episode was launched yesterday.

The drilling has become incessant at this point and our artist has no plans of losing to the battle of the “basstards”; INXS’ New Sensation is fighting for volume supremacy, at least in my right ear. I let both be.

Yes, Game of Thrones is not everybody’s cup of tea. There is nothing wrong with that. The world would be a boring place if everybody found solace in a cup of Oolong and nothing else. But you know what would be very wrong though?


Nasty spoilers.

All kinds of them from memes and posts to little (insert Sansa Stark accent) stupid, stupid comments.

That is if, assuming trolls could take a drill to the head and live unharmed, then maybe a little hammer exercise could be a more PG-13 option instead in disciplining (or educating) people who don’t know any better.

Why? What are these people thinking? There are people out there who’ve waited for months for a good show who suddenly found themselves robbed of some “viewing impact” just because some twat decided to post a little comment about who died, who lived, who guest starred, who died and lived again etc.

Alright, so maybe some of these “fans” take things a little too seriously. Whatever the case, fans of Game of Thrones might want to tread carefully on “Websteros” for the next eight weeks or so. Stay offline on Mondays when you haven’t seen the episode yet. Pull off a Ted Mosby and wear a paper helmet when you’ve got a television somewhere in the line of sight.

As for trolls? Shame. Shame. Shame.