App battle

Luis A. Quibranza III

THE whole love-hate affair probably started out during around the time U2 released its album Songs of Innocence for free and as an automatic download without warning. It was a non-issue for me being a fan of the band (in contrast to the news sharing how most consumers hated the move as it seemed like a precursor for invasion of privacy). But still, I thought it was a non-issue and was just one of millions of marketing moves in the business that will fail to please everybody.

Since it was on Apple Music, I thought of just subscribing to Apple Music (the music streaming app/service) monthly for P129 a month. (Spotify charges the same rate).

My inner hipster wanted to try out Apple Music, thinking that bundled with my recently purchased iOS device, the ecosystem would all make for an efficient listening/streaming experience. For the first few months, and this was when Zedd released True Colors, I enjoyed every piece of music the app had to offer. This was my (formal) introduction to the world of music in an entirely digital and (affordable) format that wasn’t CDs or MP3 players.

Months after that, Apple Music started to become buggy. Tracks wouldn’t play. Some tracks wouldn’t be available. Some albums weren’t to be found—the only thing consistent was the prompt monthly bill (very similar to a pattern of DSL problems that a national telecommunications company is infamous for).

So after months of hoping, and days of prodding, the jump to Spotify seemed inevitable. And the best thing was that in a family of musicians, we get to “share” the premium of P194 a month. That means, up to six family members can enjoy Spotify Premium if you’re listed under the service’s Family Plan. That’s a low, low price of only around P33 a month. Apple Music also has the Family Plan at P199 a month. But with my experience, I’ll hold out until something really bad happens with Spotify.

So, I sound like an old fart discovering something that has been around for quite some time now (even my dad has a more modern taste with his playlists with some dance tracks and my mom’s hooked to Bruno Mars grooving up silent weekday mornings at home). I could be wrong about all this. Maybe I pressed a wrong button or downloaded something wrong. But for what it’s worth, I’m glad to say goodbye with the old and hello with the new. Well, except for some of my stubborn music choices.