Quibranza: For the ‘Record’

Luis A. Quibranza III

Coldplay live in Manila

What can I say? The event last April 4 was pretty well organized from start to finish, and the band came out doing what they did best—a bombastic display of lights and fireworks to go along with their super hits. I left the concert however, feeling a bit lacking. First, the sound was fantastic, meaning the clarity was there and all, but I was looking for a more sonic experience, one that has the audio hitting me right in the face. I guess, part of the disenchantment was the heavily pop repertoire that I didn’t really connect to as much as I wanted to. But that’s more a personal preference. This leads me to a second point: the venue (Mall of Asia Concert Grounds).

A band and all their special effects can only do so much from the front. What kept the show going for half the crowd behind the middle line was the energy of the people and the Xylobands. I stand roughly at 5’9’’ and I could barely tip-toe to see Chris Martin the size of a paper clip. The venue could be better. I pitied those around me who were barely five feet. Other than that, the Platinum and VIP section was the section to be. Take note of that next time when or if the band decides to come back for the second time!

Switchfoot live in Cebu

The boys of Switchfoot have been coming to the Philippines for years now holding shows at the capital, but it’s only this year—finally—that they’re dropping by the Queen City. I’m excited to see these guys live as I hear that they play a pretty mean live set. Finally, some rock music! Religiously, I’ve pretty much followed the guys from their sophomore album New Way To Be Human up until Nothing Is Sound. Casually, I still listen to bits and pieces of their stuff from their more recent records like Hello Hurricane and Vice Verses. They’ll be playing at The Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu this Wednesday, April 19, 7 p.m.

Record Store Day

I had the chance to chat with a few folks who are excited to celebrate and promote Record Store Day. RSD is a worldwide event, but in the Philippines, a Facebook group called Audio Pilipinas (consisting of music lovers, collectors and afficionados) was granted the honor to organize an RSD celebration here for the first time. Although the celebration will be in Manila (Buddha Bar, 10 a.m. to 12 midnight on Saturday, April 22) there will be a delegation coming from Cebu City. Record Store Day was started in 2007 by independent record store owners. This was their way of remembering and celebrating the rich heritage of music via independent record stores across the United States. For RSD in Manila, 25 local independent record stores and online vendors will be taking part. Needless to say, the Philippines’ vinyl record market will also see a rise in sales and promotions.

Cebu is involved in this year’s RSD because some Cebuanos who are members of Audio Pilipinas will also be flying to Manila to join the event. The Audio Pilipinas Cebu delegation is led by Dr. Vicente Verallo, a prominent Cebu-based dermatologist. Renowned artist Celso Pepito and Ronald and Joy Dompor will also be joining the delegation.