Cebu’s board topnotchers share how you can ace your final exams

EVER felt like there’s just not enough time and energy to study for your final exams? If you’re the type of student who opens your books at the very last minute, you probably know the feeling. As another semester closes, university and college students again have their hands full with final requirements, and of course, preparations for the grueling final examinations. If you haven’t begun studying yet, let these tips from board topnotchers give you a headstart.

I think there are different ways to study and it is important to identify your own learning style and pick whatever works best for you. If you want to excel in exams and quizzes, you need to know what you want to achieve by setting your goals and managing your time well so that you can take control of your workload and stress out less. Also, don’t just memorize concepts. It’s very important that you really understand what you’ve learned when you are studying and it helps a lot in improving your memory, too. Lastly, when you feel like you understand a topic or concept already, try to test or quiz yourself. It will definitely help you know where you stand in relation to what you’ve studied so far. --- Cleo Gomez, CNU (Top 3, June 2017 Nursing Licensure Exam)

For me, it’s not really what you study but how you study. Condition the mind first so that the learning will be fluid. Try to enjoy the subject because if you have a mindset that you don’t like the thing you’re studying, then more or less the results would be negative. And also hard work and dedication plays a part if you really want to have those higher marks. --- Adrian Paul Marundan, CNU (Top 9, June 2017 Nursing Licensure Exam)

Mental preparedness matters a lot. Irrational fear of exams will only kill your efforts in preparing for them. The exam doesn’t care how many hours you’ve studied, it cares about what you put on the test paper.
--- Wayne Lorenz Tandingan, USC (Top 1, May 2017 Chemical Engineering Licensure Exam)

Set a daily study time that suits you and stay away from any distraction—no Facebook and Instagram! It’s nice to plan out the topics you want to cover for each day and for the whole week. But also, remember to take a break once in a while and try not to stress yourself out. Study hard and pray harder!
--- Nona Casey Baring, CNU (Top 2, June 2017 Nursing Licensure Exam)

Don’t have a fix study schedule, study every chance you get. It does not matter if you study one page a day as long as you learn something everyday. That’s what is important.
--- Pompeii Nikolai Subingsubing, CIT-U (Top 1, August 2017 Mining Engineering Licensure Exam)

Study wisely. Don’t give up seven or eight hours of sleep by trying to study all the materials you have. Just focus and master the important things. And of course, pray always. --- Vianca Pearl Amores, USC (Top 1, May 2017 CPA Board Exam)

For me, a combination of certain elements would be useful in order to excel in exams. One would be knowing your purpose. You should always remind yourself as to why you are working hard in the first place, and this in turn will be your motivation. Second, is to be hungry for knowledge. The basics will always be important, yet sometimes, it would be better to go an extra mile with your readings. Another important element is rest. After a tiring day, give yourself some time to let loose, have fun, and also sleep. Lastly, one thing you should never forget is prayer. We have to accept the fact that we will never know everything. When we have worked our hardest, we may lift up all our fears and insecurities to our heavenly Father, who listens and will always take care of us. --- Elyza Kimberly Villarante, Velez College (Top 7, June 2017 Nursing Licensure Exam)