5 New Year’s resolutions that people 'fail' to fulfill

AS THE new year approaches, a lot of people start listing down resolutions. While there are those who make an effort to fulfill these promises, there are also common resolutions that a lot of people fail to fulfill:

1. Study more or be more productive at work

It is a great goal to become more diligent with school work or tasks in the office, but there are some who give up on this resolution a few days or weeks at the start of the year. In the end, what starts as a motivation to perform better becomes just the same as the previous years.

How to counter it:

Fix your eyes on small doable goals. In school, prepare for every meeting instead of cramming during exams. If you are working, fix your eyes on finishing the tasks at hand by exerting the same amount of effort that you would if you are task to head a huge project.

2. Learn new things

Challenging yourself to learn a new hobby or skill seems a great idea but admit it, your plans do not always materialize. Attending classes will take time and money which are two factors why people just shove this resolution to a few more “next years”.

How to counter it:

The best way to learn a new hobby or skill is to spend time with people who may be interested in the same things. Also, it will help if this is aligned with your interests such as switching to knitting if you are interested in arts and crafts or learning a new sport if you’re the sporty type.

3. Be healthier and more active

Food and lifestyle choices should be prioritized and many people welcome the new year with great enthusiasm and perseverance to do that. As weeks pass though and with celebrations to tick, fitness goals become just a thing of the past.

How to counter it:

Health is wealth and you don’t need to welcome a new year to make better and healthier lifestyle and food choices.

4. Save money and invest

When is the best time to start securing your future? The answer is a resounding “NOW” but with bills to pay and unexpected expenses, saving up seem a tall order.

How to counter it:

While financial literacy seminars can be of great help, a person’s discipline and perseverance in avoiding impulsive purchases are great factors in fulfilling this resolution.

5. Cutting bad habits.

Every person has a habit that often leaves him drained. Do you wish to quit smoking, excessive drinking or impulsive shopping? Do you wish to be able to finally learn how to say no to others who ask favors from you? Almost everyone includes one or more bad habits they wish to get rid of in the new year but as habits are hard to break, they often end up breaking their promises.

How to counter it:

Find a partner who will check on your progress.