Costanilla: ‘Make socially relevant films’

Sam Costanilla

ENTERTAIN. I fully agree with writer/film director Carlo J. Caparas when he stated that film producers, scriptwriters and directors should make flicks that are socially relevant but entertaining at the same time. “We filmmakers are obligated to make movies that carry themes that are attuned to present-day happenings but are truly entertaining at the same time,” he said. I agree. You see, some films are so boring because their entertainment value is absent from start to finish.

PREMIERE. Caparas, a close friend of mine, is in Cebu to mobilize his and his late wife Donna’s connections and linkages to support his effort to have his latest flick shown in Cebu. The idea is to do the premiere screening of “Kamandag ng Droga” here next month before its regular showing in cinemas nationwide.

COMMEND. “Kamandag ng Droga” is actually an anti-drug movie in support of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s fight against substance abuse. We should commend Caparas and his Lions IV film production outfit for this action-drama offering whose theme is so relevant to what’s bothering the nation. I already saw “Kamandag ng Droga” last week in a private screening in the Caparas home in Lapu-Lapu City.

BLESSING. The office and recording studio of the Sugboanong Musikero was blessed in simple rites by Fr. Jun Gutierrez, one of the four members of the Cebu Clergy Performing Artists. I felicitate the club led by Margarito Ornopia Jr. for the successful event. There was jamming and dinner attended by members of local bands and other performers. (For comments, call 0932-277-8771).