Celebs take break

LOCAL actor John Lloyd Cruz is going on hiatus; while Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein does the same amid accusations of sexual abuse from different women. Veteran actor James Woods, on the other hand, said he is retiring from show business.

Cruz’s hiatus, though, seems to have been encouraged by his home network ABS-CBN, which released a statement about it.

“ABS-CBN and John Lloyd Cruz have agreed for him to take an indefinite leave of absence to attend to personal matters. John Lloyd will be taking a break outside the country and would return to ABS-CBN after his leave of absence,” the statement read.

It didn’t say how long the leave will be.

This comes on the heels of the 34-year-old actor’s erratic behavior over the past few weeks.

Fans started to worry about the actor—known for his clean-cut image—when photos of his vacation with Cebuana actress Ellen Adarna became viral. Their Cebu vacation showed a seemingly intoxicated Cruz.

Weinstein’s trouble is more serious, though.

The movie mogul is on indefinite leave from the company he co-founded while an internal investigation into numerous sexual harassment allegations against him is completed, the Weinstein Co.’s board of directors announced Friday.

“We strongly endorse Harvey Weinstein’s already announced decision to take an indefinite leave of absence from the company, commencing today,” the board said in a statement. “As Harvey has said, it is important for him to get the professional help for the problems he has acknowledged. Next steps will depend on Harvey’s therapeutic process, the outcome of the board’s independent investigation and Harvey’s own personal decisions.”

The New York Times expose chronicled allegations against Weinstein from actress Ashley Judd and former employees at both the Weinstein Co. and Weinstein’s former company, Miramax, over the course of several decades. The report made an enormous impact felt throughout the movie industry and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Woods is bent on making a permanent breakaway from Hollywood.

The Oscar-nominated actor said he is retiring from the entertainment industry. The announcement was encapsulated in a press release issued by Woods’ real estate agent offering Woods’ Rhode Island lake house for sale.

Allen Gammons said Friday that Woods is 70 and wants to relax. He said the actor’s brother and mother recently died, and he hopes to spend more time on passions including photography, antiquing and poker.

Woods is known for his conservative political views and has said that’s made it tough to find work in Hollywood.

Gammons said Woods’ decision was not political. (JGA with AP)