Jessica Soho features Cebu lechon tonight

A SINFUL treat awaits those who will visit Mactan Alfresco in Lapu-Lapu City in Cebu this week as it celebrates the Lechon Festival, which features Cebu’s local lechoneros.

The lechong baboy or roasted pork of Cebu has gained popularity over the years and has also turned into a big food industry.

Pelyn’s Lechon Haus cooks its lechon with jackfruit, cabbage, sayote and pineapple.

Meanwhile, Ayer’s Lechon business started out by peddling its lechon in bicycles but now, it already has nine branches.

Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho features all these in tonight's episode.

Soho also visits the first-ever lechon house in the Queen City of the South: Bebie’s Lechon in Carcar City, which was established way back in 1960. (PR)