Leoni to Duterte: Relax

Jujemay G. Awit

SO the controversial episode of Madam Secretary titled “Break in Diplomacy” aired on CBS last Sunday (Monday in the Philippines) despite protest from the Philippine Embassy.

But while the frisky Filipino President Datu Andrada from the show shares President Rodrigo Duterte’s boorishness with women, Tea Leoni, who plays US Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord in Madame Secretary, actually had a different leader in mind when it came to the episode.

“Funny, I had someone else in mind… #relaxduterte,” tweeted Leoni, sharing a link to a Mashable article titled “People are furious that Madam Secretary will feature a lecherous Filipino president.”

Leoni could be talking about American president Donald Trump, who once boasted about groping women just because he’s a celebrity.

The Daily Banter website, which provides media analysis and commentary about politics and other news, thinks “Break in Diplomacy” is about Trump.

“This episode, about an oafish millionaire supermarket developer who was elected the new president of the Philippines—with a surface-level relation to the oafish lawyer elected as the new Filipino President, Rodrigo Duterte—seemed to be aimed squarely at our own oafish millionaire (?) developer-turned-President,” read the website’s blog titled “How Madam Secretary got real on Donald Trump.”

The Madam Secretary episode shows an arrogant Andrada delivering a speech that could endanger the US’ Singapore Interchange program, which would have helped the US develop cordial ties with all of the countries in the Asia Pacific, including China.

McCord decided to fly to Manila to talk to Andrada and offer some military hardware as leverage. That’s when the president commented on how he found it sexy when women talked drones. He then groped McCord, who was quick to punch his face.

“President Datu Andrada walks right up to Elizabeth, and grabs her. As in he sexually assaults her. As in as close to ‘grabs her by the pussy’ as family hour network television will allow,” noted The Daily Banter, referring to Trump’s famous phrase.

Back to Madam Secretary, Andrada then sent military personnel to kick McCord and her entourage out of the country. It also worsened the diplomatic ties between the US and the Philippines, which is gradually allowing China control over the country.

But since the Philippines is important to the US, McCord blackmailed Andrada to change his tone as the US learned of Andrada’s kickbacks from the Chinese Government.

“We even hear whispers of ‘fake news’ as he protests that the good people of the Philippines will never believe the ‘lying’ media... He even brags how the media is touting his strategic deal-making genius in playing the US and China against one another. It’s. All. Trump. Right?” the blog added.