Kim Chiu speaks her native tongue in movie

Roger Serna

KIM Chiu’s character in Etiquette for Mistresses is that of a Cebuana lounge singer who fell in love with the character played by Zoren Legaspi, a husband of an incumbent senator (Aiko Melendez).

Chiu finally speaks her native language in the movie and surprised Visayan moviegoers with her one-liners, which elicited guffaws from the audience.

The reaction was more of an expression of delight over the use of the language than anything else.

Chiu was recently in Cebu to promote Etiquette for Mistresses with co-stars Claudine Barretto and Iza Calzado.

Chiu spoke Bisaya when interviewed by the Cebu entertainment media. She had to apologize to Barretto and Calzado for doing so. Calzado just smiled.

The three actresses defended their project, saying they are not trying to promote illicit affairs. Wives, however, can learn from the film on how to keep their husbands from straying.

The movie, the actresses said, has a moral for women, especially those on the verge of cavorting with married men. The movie makes these women think twice before making the final decision.

Being the youngest of the five mistresses and still clueless of the ins and outs of being a mistress, Chiu’s character provides the link that binds the four other mistresses in the movie.

Spoiler alert

The characters of Stella (Calzado), Choie (Barretto), Charlie (Cheena Crab) and Georgia (Kris Aquino) were already friends before Chiu became a mistress.

But Stella, Choie and Charlie are already in too deep in their respective relationships.

Being the oldest in the group, Georgia tries to advise Ina to be smart about her relationship: “If you still can, leave him.”

The movie has an unexpected twist that will provide the happy ending for Georgia and Ina.

Aquino, Barretto, Chiu, Calzado and Crab will be in SM Megamall Cinema 2 this afternoon for the special book launch of the best-selling book that inspired the movie.

The book was written by Jullie Yap Daza and is re-released with the cast of the movie now on the cover.