Listed company evaluating plans for BPO City: Yu

A PUBLICLY-LISTED property developer has expressed its interest in developing a BPO City envisioned by Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña, a consultant said.

“Mayor Tommy said he has already spoken to an interested investor, but the investor is also interested (to know) the acceptability of the concept,” said Yu, economic affairs consultant of the Cebu City Government.

While Yu did not name this publicly listed developer, Osmeña, quoted in a previous news report, has mentioned such an interest from DoubleDragon Properties Corp., developer of City Mall, and operated by Injap Sia, the entrepreneur best known for starting the Mang Juan restaurant chain. In the past five years (ending Dec. 31, 2016), Double Dragon recorded 214.03 percent growth in its net income.

Yu said that the City Government has been consulting large business process outsourcing (BPO) companies to hear their insights on the planned BPO/Call Center City.

“We’ve spoken to at least a dozen of the large BPOs and they are all very excited...As long as the consultations are done, we will talk to the investor. The consultations are almost done,” said Yu, who oversees the Cebu Economic and Business Unit (CEBU).

The BPO City will be located in a 60-hectare lot at the South Road Properties.

The primary concept, said Yu, is to make it a BPO enclave, mixed with rental facilities, educational institutions and a commercial complex, where BPO workers may finish their college or earn a master’s degree while still earning to pay for their basic needs.

In his State of the City Address last July, Osmeña noted the shortage of 50,000 call center agents in Cebu. Every month, the chief executive said, P7 billion is infused into Cebu City’s economy.

“With an extra 50,000 jobs, this number increases to over P10 billion per month...This is money that goes to all of Cebu, especially towards our working-class,” the mayor had said. (JOG)