Cheaper parts ‘soon’ for Cebu Harley fans

LESS than two years since it first expanded to Cebu, US premium bike brand Harley Davidson has reported good business in the southern Philippines, with young professionals, business owners, and overseas Filipinos as key markets.

Regan Rex King of RDAK Global Motors Inc., Harley Davidson’s principal dealer in Cebu, said the company has sold over a hundred bikes since November 2015, when it launched here, to June 2017, a result he described as “beyond their expectations.”

“We are very happy with the acceptance of the people. I would say when it comes to the brand, anyone would know what a Harley is,” he said at the sidelines of the launching of Street Rod and Road King Special in Cebu.

The entry of Harley Davidson in Cebu, according to King, has also provided bike owners access to parts and services that were unavailable previously. As the principal dealer, King assured that the company has invested in training Harley Davidson technicians and sends them to Singapore and Thailand monthly to upgrade their skills.

Assembled in Thailand

Soon, he said, potential buyers will gain access to more affordable Harley Davidson bikes, after the US motorcycle manufacturer finished its assembly plant in Thailand.

“Since the Asia market is growing, we want to be where the action is. All parts are still manufactured in the US, but assembly will be in Thailand. This means, parts and models will be more affordable,” he said.

The newest addition to the Harley Davidson Cebu lineup is the Street Rod, a bike for city driving powered by a 750cc V-twin engine. According to the dealer, the 17-inch front and rear wheels promise “a quicker and more responsive steering experience.” It also has dual disc brakes and larger wheels. (JOG)