PSE offers Dollar denominated securities

THE newest product of The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. (PSE), the Dollar Denominated Securities (DDS), is set to have its first product offering. Listed company Del Monte Pacific Limited will have a follow on offering of US Dollar Denominated Series A-1 Preference Shares from March 22 to 28. The shares, which will be trading under the stock symbol DMPA1, are scheduled to be listed on April 7. Investors with US dollar deposit accounts can subscribe to a DDS offering or trade DDS since the security is listed, traded, and settled in US dollars. Subscription to DDS offering as well as trading of DDS can only be done through identified eligible brokers or such brokers who are operationally ready for DDS trading. As of March 20, Armstrong Securities, Inc. and BDO Securities Corp. have been approved by the exchange as DDS eligible brokers. PR