Iponan A vs Alzbals in another titular match

Jaime A. Frias II

IT’S Iponan A and main rival Alzbals again in the final showdown of the 2017 Barangay Iponan Fast Pitch Softball Tournament on Sunday, July 16, at the Iponan Open Field in Cagayan de Oro City.

Iponan A booked the final seat after eliminating Alubijid A by rout, 12-2 as Alzbals did the same against Iponan B, 6-1.

Iponan A batters had a clean-sweep finish in the elimination round, 5-0 including morale-boosting triumphs over Alzbals and Tagoloan in their last two matches.

Balingasag Open champions Alzbals came in second place with four wins and a lone defeat against powerhouse Iponan A.

Sister team Iponan B followed in third with a 3-2 card, while Alubijid A landed in the last semis spot with 2-3 slate.

In a preview, Iponan A beat Alzbals in their latest grudge encounter for the title during the Alubijid Open.

“Rematch na sab ni. Magkahibal-anay na sab karong Sabado,” said tournament manager Yeye Maagad.