Iponan batters a ‘serious threat’

Jaime A. Frias II

BARANGAY Iponan A, powered by veteran pitcher Arthur Alvarez, will be the team to watch in Saturday’s opening of the 2017 Alubijid Fast Pitch Softball Open at the municipality of Alubijid in Misamis Oriental.

Lately, the 55-year-old Alvarez considered his team as the underdog to the powerhouse Alzbals that he recently led to a title finish.

Alvarez pitched last time for Alzbals en route to winning the Balingasag Fiesta Softball Open last January.

But, Alvarez could be wrong as Iponan A looks like a serious threat to the title in the three-week tournament.

The veteran pitcher himself has a high percentage striking out batters, even scoring perfect games in different tournaments.

Aside from Alvarez, Iponan A has the pair of veteran homegrown batters in Labiano Maagad and Sandro Salazar.

Both Maagad and Salazar have the reputation of hitting homeruns since the existence of the Cagayan de Oro Baseball and Softball League, 14 years ago.

The team also has the services of Malaybalay City’s Jeoffrey Tabura and Nolan Melendez as reinforcements.

Iponan’s second team, Iponan B, will also see action as well as Balingasag All-Stars and host Alubijid All-Stars.