3 teenage girls caught beating another girl

Erwin M. Mascarinas

BUTUAN CITY – A close circuit television (CCTV) footage showing three teenage girls beating up another girl at a public place has alarmed netizens, authorities and residents alike, sparking calls for immediate action from authorities.

The video footage was first uploaded on social media on August 9. It showed the three girls ganging up on another girl, punching and kicking the girl until she fell to the ground and was forced to curl up to protect herself from serious harm.

The video shows the beating happening in a public commercial area in Butuan City amid the presence of other people.

Before the video has been removed from Facebook but not before the footage had garnered around 353,000 views before midnight of August 10, 2017.

“What we saw on the viral video that circulated on the social media was very alarming, we did our initial investigation on this video and we might be looking at a gang related violence,” Senior Inspector Paul Paden, Police Station 1 chief, said.

Paden said they are still investigation the incident.

“Right now, we have the names of the alleged attackers and the addresses but we will still have to validate and investigate further,” he said.

Based on initial investigation by the police, the victim was a student of the Butuan City School of Arts and Trades and the attackers including those who served as lookouts were from a group in the Agusan National High School.

Paden said the incident may be gang-related.

But Paden said the victim has yet to come out to lodge a formal complaint.

“We are still waiting for the victim to file a complaint,” Paden said.

Conversations on the social media between those supposedly involved in the incident recount the attack as related to a fight over a boy.

“It was a feud that started over a guy, then challenges extended between them on social media. The fight on line easily escalated to threats both from the attackers and even from the victim. The victim even challenged one of the attackers in a one-on-one fight after she was slut shamed on the social media,” Jason, not his real name, said.

The BCPO data revealed that there are around 13 gangs operating in the different schools and areas all over Butuan City.

The data notes that the number of gangs has risen from 11 that was recorded on May of this year.