Motoomull: Asking relevant questions

Nirmla Motoomull

ASKING questions are powerful especially asking relevant ones – closely connected with the subject we are discussing or the situation we are in. Vibrant and progressive organizations intentionally build an atmosphere of motivating people to ask relevant questions as these lead to idea generation and creative insights. Ideas are considered the currencies for our hi-tech present and future time.

Relevant questions open people toward correcting their false beliefs and lay down the atmosphere for meaningful exchanges of beliefs because some of them are faulty and need to be checked with reality. We have to learn to ask relevant question with self-confidence. To ask oneself or an expert, “Am I doing the right thing or are the people concerned doing the right thing for us” can gain wisdom, accept correction and then proceed to the next level of competence.

Looking back at my life, had I naively and obediently follow some majority when they did wrong, without asking relevant questions and determined actions to do what is right for my life, I might have been desperate with my life at present. Because honestly, I am happy that I am a private person living peacefully in my private home, not one of my false beliefs as my happiness – there was no clear professional and personal life of my own, but only to marry a much-celebrated man living in a high-end subdivision and jet set around the world.

The sign of an intelligent mind is having meaningful doubts. Therefore, please find ways and means to learn the art and science of asking relevant questions to be guided accordingly in one’s aspirations. For example: “Is what I am doing adding value to my work performance and whether my decision leads to my real character development for the challenges of our hi-tech present and future time?” Thereafter, be willing to be corrected and get to the next level of competence.

The person who got to the top did not happen to just get there. Sure, that person may have “believed” that he/she has the capacity to get to the top, but the hard work and the relevant training make that possible. There is a climb involved in the process. And that climb, no doubt, involved a lot of relevant questions and determined actions to get there.

All the time, we remember to pray to our Most High to guide us accordingly in our endeavors.