Iloilo City – Remembering the colorful life of the past

MOST of our modern cities have been transformed with the coming of the modern world. We are witness to various construction every now and then and our cities’ skylines can be a good indicator of progress.

But many of our old buildings have little by little been destroyed. Often, many of us only appreciate their beauty once they are gone and sometimes we demolish them without much thought to erect new structures.

For me, old houses or buildings are beautiful. We have our ancestral house owned by my grandparents which have also served as our home for more than half a decade already. It is big and spacious with a high ceiling.

Looking at each detail, you will really appreciate the effort that went into them. It is also very strong and very durable compared to new generation houses.

Today, only few people or local governments give importance of our old buildings. Many fail to understand that old buildings speak of what a nation was way back, of an earlier culture. Old buildings have also witnessed important moments of a town. If for only these, we need to preserve them.

I was in Iloilo City and I was astonished on the many old buildings that are still intact and preserved. For me it is a one of a kind city that gives importance to the life of the past and art, considering that it’s a highly urbanized area and the progress have been continuous. Most of the buildings in the center have existed for almost half a century already.

But the beauty are still present and each of the old structures talk about the past, of the Ilonggo’s colorful culture.

The Ilonggos really give importance to old buildings, aside from internalizing that they have sentimental value and made of the sweat and efforts of their ancestors. And when a structure can no longer be saved and needed to be demolished, a building with a same design is often built in its place.

I am calling on each of our local governments in the country to help save the important old structures in our cities and towns. These are not only buildings but these are symbols or reminders of our colorful past.

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