Jollibee joins Brigada Eskwela

WITH the start of classes just a few weeks away, the spirit of the Filipino bayanihan is once again put into action through the yearly Brigada Eskwela. And consistent with its mission of spreading happiness to every Filipino, all-time favorite fast food chain Jollibee on May 15 joined other volunteers in getting the Macanhan Elementary School ready for the coming school year.

"We do this every year to selected school so that we can help in whatever the school needs," said Neil Intong, the area manager of Jollibee Foods Incorporated.

Bringing in their paints, brushes, and other cleaning materials, the Jollibee staff, from crew to executives, joined in the effort to clean and improve the school’s rooms and play ground. Together with the parents, faculty, and students of Macanhan Elementary School, the Jolly crew helped bring the school back to life after the long vacation.

"We chose Macanhan Elementary School because we tried to focus on smaller schools here in the city. We think that as compared to the Cagayan de Oro City's other schools, we could help them more in their Brigada Eskwela," Intong said.

The elementary school could not be more thankful for the help that Jollibee has given them in their Brigada Eskwela. Before midday, the school's fences were painted and majority of the classrooms almost as good as new, ready to be used for class.

"It is nice that aside from the parents, faculty, and students, the community stakeholders also lent us their hand. With this, we do not feel alone in the cleaning, restoration, and improvement of our school knowing that there are concerned entities like Jollibee," Emmanuel Alingig, the Macanhan Elementary School principal said.

"Of course, aside from making Filipino children happy, Jollibee cares a lot about their education. We believe that we should help in ensuring that their school is well prepared for the start of classes," said Marife Deveza, the operations director of Jollibee Foods Incorporated.