Easter celebration around the world

EASTER Sunday is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It’s the happiest day for all Christians from the Lenten week as Jesus Christ already came back to join our almighty God the Father.

Christians all over the world celebrate Easter in many ways and traditions, which already existed for how many years. Here are some of the practices that countries around the world adopted to express their joy on Easter.

Vatican – The Pope delivers the Easter message and blessing and called it the “Ubri et Obri” which means “To the City and the World” at the balcony of St. Peters Basilica. This tradition is awaited by some of the Roman Catholics around the world.

England – British celebrate Easter with lots of eggs and bunny which people buy to give to each other. The Easter bunny hides the eggs in the houses and the children will search to find these treats. Easter Eggs sometimes contained money or chocolates as the price. Egg is used as a symbol of rebirth and Easter Symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Germany – Germans prepare a very sumptuous breakfast to start the day of Jesus Christ resurrection. They also prepare a hand painted colourful eggs and exchange it among their friends. The most exciting part some of the village in Germany practice, the girl prepares colour red eggs and present it to their suitors.

Africa – After the Church Ceremony, the traditional dance of the Africans are held outside the church. The families prepare a special food that could be share to other Christians or even the non-Christians people.

Mexico – The celebration of the Mexican of the Lenten season is almost two weeks and they called it the “great vacation”. The first week is the Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, they called is as “Semana Santa” the last days of Jesus Christ life. The second week from Easter Sunday to the following Saturday, they called it as “Pascua” the celebration of the Christ’s resurrection.

United States – Every Easter Sunday, the country is dominated of various candy and chocolate provided by their local manufactures. The White House opens its grounds to kids for Easter egg rolling, which is a race game. The children push the egg through the grass with a long handled spoon.

Hong Kong – Restaurants offer special menu every Easter and you can explore various bakery shops for unique treats like chocolate bunnies and egg symbols. I have also heard that Hong Kong Disney land started recently to prepare its surprise annual Easter celebration.

Philippines – Known as “Linggong Pagkabuhay”. After the special Easter Holy Mass at the church, Filipinos prepare various special dishes, sometimes with the most important and the King of the table “Lechon.”

They bring the dishes at the nearest beach or water park to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ the whole day.

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! He is not here for He has risen!

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