First Lego store in Mindanao opens

THE first Lego-certified store in Mindanao opened at Centrio last April 1, perfect for the young ones and the young-at-heart. My youngest child was super excited to visit and he was even singing the Lego Movie’s “Everything is Awesome” ditty. Of course, being a Lego fan myself, I picked up on his enthusiasm. And when we got there, indeed everything was awesome!

What’s fantastic about the Centrio Store is that instead of just selling the standard Lego boxed sets and blind bags, they have several interactive play areas, where they encourage the kiddie guests to engage in hands-on play. They can do this at the big tables full of bricks or on the mini-wall play stations. Moreover, they also have a giant wall display mounted with see-through spherical containers, reminiscent of the circular Lego protrusions, filled with even more bricks. Everyone is invited to touch, even the young-once-upon-a-time like me!

Personally, I enjoyed going through the store looking at the elaborate displays of Lego sets that have already been painstakingly built and were up for exhibit. I also went crazy over the cute key chains, which had both the regular-sized and Duplo (big) version. On top of that, I was most impressed with their tie-up with Unicef, aiming to build a National Center for Children with Disabilities in the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). Clearly, Lego is a store with a heart. How can anyone not support an endeavor like this?

Aptly titled #ThisAbilityPH: Supporting Children with Disabilities, both companies hope to build this center to be a one-stop venue to diagnose, give assistive devices, and provide therapy for disabled children.

With “this ability” and advocacy to help, children with disabilities are given a chance to prove that they are not totally disabled, but just differently-abled. They too have talents that can shine with enough support and attention.

Currently, they are selling Lego Polybags at only P100 each, with 100 percent of the proceeds donated to the campaign. The bags come in four different designs Lego enthusiasts can choose from. The themes are: a) Lego NinjaGo, which comes with a mini dojo and two characters, b) Lego Star Wars with the First-Order General character, c) Lego Friends in a signature purple polybag containing a girl-character by the pool-side, along with a slide, and tables/chairs, and d) Lego Duplo giant brick-set in the form of a duck that’s perfect for toddlers.

My little boy did not want the Lego girl set, but I ended up buying all four because it is for such a good cause. I told him mom and Ate will play with the girlie version, but later-on, he happily built it because, really, Lego bricks transcend gender and promote a broad mindset thru active play.

Another fantastic feature was “Build A Minifigure”, where kiddie creators can mix and match the bodies, head, hair, and accessories to make their very own Lego figurines. For P499.75, kids can build three of their own signature Lego characters, which will come in a cute see-thru carry-case.

The very patient staff does not complain when children take their time to set-up their figures or even if they make a mess in the play areas.

Overall, it was a terrific experience and we will definitely be coming back again. They have several other promotions as well, in line with their grand opening so do check that out.

Most of all, I encourage everyone to please come and support their Lego Polybags campaign. I mean, c’mon, authentic Lego for one hundred bucks is an amazing deal. Please drop by the store at the ground floor (right in front of Payless). Brick by brick, all of us can teach our children to build a better tomorrow.