Daddy Gabby

HE CAME from humble beginnings to a stunning success. He always put his needs and wants behind others. He constantly does things for others. No matter how big or small the need is, he is always there for his friends and family at all times. He wants the people around him to be happy. He is a man full of love. These words aptly describe Gabby Bacarro.

Gabby was born on May 9, 1969. At the age of four, his parents broke up. He was raised by his aunt, who sent him to school every day. He helped his aunt in packing ‘chicharon’ in the evening, and sold it early in the morning at the sidewalk. When he reached college, he became a working student at Dunkin Donuts. and this is where his successful career began. He started from a lower rank but he persevered enough and got promoted at the coffee and baked goods chain. He was working for 17 years there. But still, he remained humble.

After working there, he started working at Gaisano Mall as the Sales and Marketing Manager, up to these days.

On October 22, 2002, Gabby founded CDOTC (Cagayan de Oro Talent Center) and MTC (Mindanao Talent Center). He formed this center because he wanted to train talents in dancing, singing, modeling, and how to be a good marketer.

Last April 30, he celebrated his 25 years in the industry with the theme: “I am blessed with Hundreds of Children” at Ayala, Centrio Mall.

“Gabby is not only a friend, is not only a coach, a mentor, but a family. When you even see MTC, CDOTC, ‘Daddy Gabby’ is a very good father, brother and a friend. When I started my review center in 1991, Gabby was always there to support me – the knowledge, guidance and his advises. Without him, the achievement of my review center will not be attained,” said Marivic Tabasa, Director of Peak Review Center.

“Gabby is a good person. You trust Gabby’s talents and guidance, because without him you cannot achieve your full potential. Gabby is here because he has the passion to serve our community, and he has the love of developing young children. His passion will always be a legacy in Cagayan de Oro,” she added.

According to Gabby, as of October 2016, he already have 5, 887 members in CDOTC and MTC.

“For 25 years, I have a very good relationship with everybody. You just have to be true to everyone, and be kind. Because of this 25 years of experience, all that I can say is, if you can help others, then help, but if not, maybe not today but in the coming days, you can. The most important thing for me is the relationship. Even if there is no involvement of money, as long as I have the good relationship to one and all. If you’re having a good relationship, everyone will also trust you. There is a commitment formed,” he said.

“Actually, I don’t really have plans; all I want is to give hope to those people who have the talents. They just have to believe in themselves,” he shared.

According to him, he himself doesn’t have the talents before he became the sales and marketing manager. He was just a boy who grew up in the market helping his mother and his aunt, and his ambition was to become a priest someday. When his parents broke up when he was still young, this did not hinder him to reach his goals in life. He is where he is now because he used that experience as a tool to do well in every undertaking that he encountered along the way.

“I want to invite more people, especially those who don’t believe in themselves. They shouldn’t let fear hinder them. If they really want to be somebody in the future, like becoming a good marketer, singer, or dancer, just follow the dictate of your heart – especially the passion. And then, humble yourself always. Always set your feet on the ground,” Gabby’s piece of advice for people to hold on to their dreams.

With the love and trust that he has spread to the members of his center, he has made them blessed and successful in life. He said that he still wants to invite more people to join and give hope to them. He is also offering free seminars.

“I have two types of seminar. First, I have it free for those people that I will be the one to select, and to those deserving people who wanted to be a marketer but they don’t have the money. Second, is the paid seminar for companies who send their people to me for training because they have the budget for that,” he said.

He also added that the secret to be successful in your career, you have to be a man or woman with a big heart.

“I just want to share to everyone that if you really want to last long to a company you are working with, just be true to yourself. Be honest to your work. Love your work, and love the company you work with. And you also have to love the company you previously worked with, do not talk bad about it. Always remember it helps you and your family, even if it’s just a little. So consider them as part of your life. So focus on your work then. If you are in the top level position, do not demand special treatment, just keep everything simple,” golden advises from Gabby as he shared how he got where he is now.

He was very pleased to share that some of the members of his center has become successful and yet, they remained humble. He learned that most of them were not really born into success; they just simply did, and continue doing so. He said he is only an instrument for them to realize their full potential.

“I will continue helping people and inspire them to be fearless in reaching their dreams,” said ‘Daddy Gabby’ as fondly called by everyone.