Graduation month is here!

MARCH is the time for inspiring commencement exercises, proud parents, and diplomas.

This is where students look back on the journeys they have gone to be where they are now. This is also the moment of sad goodbyes with happy hearts, tears spill with joy, and the moment worth remembering for.

Graduation is the day where aspiring graduates happen to reach the gate of hardship. The realization how you get there will likely hit every individual. Because there are no words can describe it. This is the result of your perseverance. You have chosen the path to where you are sure you’ll have a good future of. It’s like turning the book into another chapter, but different at the same time.

When you read a book you’ll move on to another chapter to reach the end, but to your life, you’ll move to a whole new journey, you’re not yet aware of. This will lead you to the yet uncertain future. But all throughout the journey, you have to overcome whatever obstacles you encounter, the bumps, the rocky roads, these are all the flavors of a great success. This is it!

Many parents are excited to see their sons and daughters wearing academic gowns on that day. In front of teachers, friends, and colleagues, graduates will receive their certificates. This is the moment that the crowd has to see you and will be proud of you because your struggle has finally paid off. Your classmates and you have one thing in common this time. You are both proud of yourselves. This is not just an ordinary day.

This is also the day where you have to say goodbye to your good friends and hope to see them again while you are both going in different directions. The years you spent challenging your teachers on topics, thesis, and questions, has stopped. It sure made you who you are now. The learnings that you get from them that are instilled in your heart. Those are all priceless.  

On that day, your parents might have prepared you a celebration like no other. That is one way for them to show you that they value you so much, that they are very grateful you have overcome another milestone in your life. All the things they have done are for you to have a good future. Be proud of yourself too because you took all the courage to be where you are right now.

On the next day, you will wake up with a whole new adventure. Step forward and reach for your dreams, graduates!