Vicente: Exercising with body weight

Jayson Vicente

ASIDE from staying in the program, starting is one of the hardest part. Some already quit without even trying but there is no shortcut to goals, if ever there is, you would not survive the fall.

Work for it so when you have reached your goal and circumstances makes you fall it will only be a stumble easy to bounce back from.

When building muscle comes in as topic, going to the gym and lifting weights comes into the picture and not many see it convenient to spend money and time. It is always an excuse for those who are just lazy to even consider trying.

Contrary to belief that to build muscles, you have to lift weights in the gym or at home. There is actually another way less expensive and may have the best result depending on what your purpose. This not to discredit lifting weights but to give an alternative and shun excuse of not having the money to enroll in a gym or not having the time and effort to spend precious moments in the gym. You can build muscles and do exercises with just the weight of your body.

Body weight training has been proven to be safer, effective and cheap.

Who does not want cheap but quality right?

According to trainers, body weight training is a simpler alternative to free weights training that is as effective depending on how you do it.

Body weight training is a flexible way of building not only muscles but the over-all physical condition of a person either beginner or advance, wellness buffs or athletes, the secret behind is understanding what your body needs and how to incorporate exercises according to your strength, endurance and stamina, thus, giving you an upper hand of manipulating a body weight to enhance exercises by increasing repetitions, handling flexibility and mobility exercises for certain body types.

Everything has to be learned and understood before anything else, just like any other exercise techniques. Using bodyweight is not just doing routines and exercises, it’s about knowing and understanding its potentials and techniques in order for to be effective.

The thing is you must really love your body to even try anything either free weights, machine augmented exercise or body weight training exercises because if not, trying would only lead to quitting.