Vinluan: What are supplemental exercises?

Bobby Vinluan

TRAINING should be an enjoyable habit. And to make that habit more enjoyable, the individual should know how to alternate their regular training exercises.

Like vitamins, supplementary exercises complement the training program of an individual to enhance and improve stamina, endurance, and strength, which is valuable in their field of sport.

Supplemental exercises are those exercises that are added to the regular exercise routine to complete a training program; these can be in the form of adding new exercise programs to the routine, or customary and unchanging and often automatically performed training program of an individual.

In every sport, beginners likewise the athletes have their exercise or training routines, be it running or vigorous sports activities.

In these activities, supplemental exercises for beginners like stretching and calisthenics are needed to ready and acclimatize the body in whatever activity they do. And to the athlete cross training programs, alternate exercises are practiced to improve more themselves in their field of sport.

Looking for the best supplemental exercise, experts recommend that individuals in every sport field practice weight training as it will benefit any serious competitor or beginner, and it will improve the need for lower and upper body strength and endurance for that extra muscular strength.

While there are detailed programs and theories of weight training published in books, magazines, or what gym instructors provide; there are a few simple rules and one basic law when engaging in weight training as a supplemental exercise.

Carrying “Heavy weights with few repetitions build strength and a bulky body; while carrying light weights with many repetitions build stamina and a lean firm body”, these rules apply to both men and women. And before indulging in weight training; your warm-up and cooling down exercises should be done religiously.