Vicente: Barangay’s role in sports development

Jayson Vicente

COMPETITION is always part of training.

One trains to compete and one competes because he trains. It can be said you may not necessary compete when you train, because for some, training is for physical fitness.

In essence, training and competition compliments each other in a way that competition tests the theory laid out and hypothesized in training, and training sets the plan to be executed and a resolution of what did not work from the things executed in competition.

These are the reasons why tune-up and friendly games are so important for the athletes that are active in competitions. One particular activity that is a good avenue for competition exposures are the pocket tournaments that could be organized within small groups or communities like barangay activities.

This avenue is being explored by a young arnis team in Santo Tomas Central under the Santo Tomas High School with the leadership of its Principal Rossana Dizon and teachers Marisa Dapano and Charlene Gumatay who organized the 1ST 2018 Barangay Fiesta Invitational Arnis Tournament.

“We want to sphere head this activity to introduce and show the community of Santo Tomas Central what arnis is that the students are involving themselves in and their promising potential in the National Sports and Martial Arts of the Philippines,” according to the organizers.

As the saying goes “it all starts in the family” and this is the closest you can get to a family where everyone is involved and everyone is supportive of their children’s activity with village chief Grace Kelly taking part of the promotion and propagation of this Filipino Martial Arts in her community as part of the many sports activities for the youth that helps in giving them an option of a worthy activity.

To all those involved in this year’s activities for the Santo Tomas Central Barangay Fiesta, to Barangay Captain Kelly, Principal Dizon and their respective coordinators, Congratulations and Happy Fiesta. Kudos to finding ways to improve all activities every year.