Vinluan: The likeness of martial arts

Bobby Vinluan

IN THE olden days, practitioners of martial arts were referred to as martial arts masters and everyone is entitled to learn the science to become warriors.

In the turn of the century, however, martial arts practitioners established schools claiming their teachings are the best and this is an observable fact until today.

The field of martial arts is particularly ripe with flamboyant showmanship, commercial popularity and profiteering on the part of those who teach the martial arts and those who study it.

People make the arts into commercial products; they think of the arts as commodities and make implements as items for commerce.

This has been the trend then and now the practice of martial arts can be distinguished in comparison of courses as exemplified by Miyamoto Musaashi, who explains that the earth is an outline of the science of martial arts. It is an analysis for an individual school; where by the true science cannot be attained just by mastery of one field in the art alone.

He compares the second course with water taking it as the basic point of reference because it conforms to the shape of vessels, square or round; with the purity of water it makes the mind fluid.

The attainment of certain discernment of the principles of mastering martial arts and defeating an opponent is tantamount to being able to excel in the field.

The spirit of overcoming others is the same though they score in numbers.

The third is fire described as having a sense of violence; the likeness of battle for example is the same whether it is a battle between an army against another or one individual against another individual.

Fire like violence happens in a flash, and it is essential in martial arts to practice daily to attain familiarity, treating them as ordinary affairs so the mind remains unchanged, because it is hard to reverse the mind of a large group of people at once in violence, while individuals can change their minds quickly.

Compared to the wind, this is to describe the different martial arts in the world, karate, judo, kung fu, etc., it also means the style or manner of practice in the different schools of martial arts. It is also of deeper sense that you have to understand others to attain your own self-understanding.

Defined as the spontaneous or impulsive entry of an individual into the field of martial arts is “emptiness” where one having attained a principle detaches from the same that makes him independent in the science of martial arts and naturally attains marvels; in this course one discovers himself for true understanding of himself and the art.