Vicente: CCAFP Arnis Encounter

Jayson Vicente

SINCE arnis was included in the sports and physical development curriculum in the “Premier Military School” of Asia, the sports has been thriving among the cadets of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) where the sports and martial arts aspect is being taught to would-be officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Taking pride from the historical heritage of arnis, kali and eskrima during the past two world wars where Filipino soldiers contributed armed with their combat skills which influenced many combat training of different special forces.

Arnis has been one of the most effective self-defense which can be used actual situation with astounding output.

Behind the skill is the heart and blood of every Filipino which made the martial arts effective because a true Filipino fighter fights not just with skill but by heart and spirit.

In PMA, where the “Warrior Spirit” is seen as a vital part of training and education for the young gentlemen who are honed to be defenders of this great land, martial arts like arnis are instruments to involve the cadets in understanding the iconic national sports and martial arts of the Philippines. Competitions in martial arts are not meant to hurt but rather an inspiration or motivation to be better and to prove that you are capable of growth and martial arts with all its tenets and values makes it a suitable avenue.

The 2017 Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines Arnis Encounter this year yielded more than 200 cadets who enthusiastically showcased their skills in full contact sparring held at the PMA Jurado Hall on September 2 and 3.

Participants are students of the course sports and physical development under the PMA Tactics Group, Sports and Physical Development Unit curriculum.