Vinluan: Self help for joint protection

Bobby Vinluan

USING your body in ways to reduce pain and strain and helping you to continue with your daily activities is actually protecting your joints.

There are many different ways that we can protect our joints to help protect against damage in the future, however, the question "WHEN" we should start looking after our joints can be overwhelming.

Looking after your joints is always important, only that, joint care is always given or thought of by individuals, after injuries, or pain caused by arthritis etc. that gets joints to be painful during and after activities, weaker and or changes in shape and when we fill helpless in doing our daily chores and activities because of joint aches.

Our joints usually are prone to injuries, aches and hurt, because of many reasons as such; inflammation of the joints, worn or damaged cartilage, putting extra pressure on joints like carrying heavy weights and or being overweight, pushing yourself to hard with extra activities, inflammation in the structures around the joint such as muscles and tendons or referred pains in parts of the body.

When these occurs, self-help and making changes on your daily living may come in handy, because by making changes early on, you can help yourself avoid problems becoming worse in the future. The first thing to do is to become aware of how you use your joints properly, and take notice of any pain and use it as a warning.

Spread the weight over several joints when carrying things by using two hands and keeping your hands as much as possible in contact with the object and avoid gripping with your thumb. Reducing the effort you put-in when doing things by using labor-saving gadgets can help you protect joints from strain and pain, and avoid gripping things tightly, by taking time to rest your hands and reduce the length of time you spend doing such activities.

Be aware of how you use your joints and find out which movements push your joints towards deformities and avoid such positions, and use your joints in a more stabled position from changing positions from one that puts strain on particular joints to one that spreads the weight evenly over several joints.

Lastly, do your exercise regularly as it works in protecting your joints. Because joint protection reduces the strain on your joints, exercise on the other hand strengthens your muscles that support them. Exercise also helps reduce your feeling of fatigue. We use our joints in every movement we make, so it is really important to look after them.