Vinluan: Fitness, motivation and good habits

Bobby Vinluan

MANY people have a tough time incorporating good habits like exercising consistently and eating healthfully into their lifestyle.

More important, a person goes for fitness but does not know exactly how to do it. Fitness can be achieved in many ways to include exercise, diet, strength, cardio respiratory wellness, metabolism boost, and toning trouble zones of the body, shaving off fat, and increasing flexibility.

If you have good intentions for your wellness, you can turn these into good habits by tapping your motivation. Unleashing your motivation for wellness is a clear understanding why you want to be fit and whatever the reason keep it on the forefront of your mind.

Achieving your goal of having the best body ever is hard to do, but you can achieve it by starting with your wellness plan. Having a step-by-step program can help you blast fat, strengthen your heart, boost metabolism, tone your trouble zones and increase your flexibility.

Tapping your imagination will help you stick to your wellness plan, by putting yourself to the test in making conscious decision to follow your wellness program to be able to avoid bad habits that will hinder your success and for you to be mentally prepared.

Testing yourself is not only being mentally prepared but physically prepared too, so one can pinpoint the areas of development needed. To be able to improve fitness levels one must aim higher and properly motivated in exercising to test flexibility, or the level of flexibility which focuses in the hamstring and lower-back muscles, which are involved in almost every action the body does.

Knowing how fit your heart is, by performing aerobic activities and measuring heart rate during recovery from an aerobic activity, a lower heart rate indicates a more efficient cardiovascular functioning. Maintaining muscle mass will also help you to know how strong are you by exercising three major body parts namely; upper, middle and the lower-body parts.

More over with all the exercise you do, you must learn to know your body composition based on the Body-Mass Index (BMI), where body-composition testing is not based on how much you weigh but on how much you weigh is body fat compared to muscle mass. By knowing these coupled with your attitude and lifestyle, eating habits, and how you do your exercise, you are sure to improve your health. But don’t sit and rest on your laurels, aim higher to be healthy and fit.