Olsim: Strawberry lane!

THERE was that familiar stillness in the room. That stillness, which only she can recognize; no sound except that monotonous mutiny of the computer in that poised room, and that muffled sound of traffic which successfully infiltrated the thick walls of that old building. She clicked at the save button and slumped her upper body against the office chair. She started pondering about life: “is this all there is to it?” she sighed. She routinely scrolled down to check her Facebook updates, then her eyes beamed at one post: “Strawberry Festival? Give me my Strawberry shake!” Lively colors returned to her face again – she will definitely go to La Trinidad’s Strawberry Lane!

One of the highlights of La Trinidad’s Strawberry Festival is the “Strawberry Lane” which features the town’s strawberries and strawberry products. It specifically intends to showcase what La Trinidad is celebrating this March. Aside from Strawberries, there will be Strawberry Cakes and Pastries, Strawberry Jams and Wines, Strawberry Shakes and delicacies, and other Strawberry-themed goods. There will also be various activities in the Strawberry Lane which further promotes La Trinidad’s Strawberry: the biggest and sweetest strawberries contests on March 13, and the Strawberry wine fair on March 20, 2018.

As per the executive committee, we will not have the Strawberry giant cake this year (unfortunately) as it will be implemented every two years to upsurge anticipation of the internationally recognized feat. Some of our local bakers, however, will be at the Strawberry Lane to offer the strawberry cakes you miss. Aside from the sweets, a group also offers strawberry + meat + strawberry chili sauce. Don’t believe me? Then you should definitely go to La Trinidad’s Strawberry Lane near the town’s municipal building!


Although our Strawberry Festival mainly aims to celebrate Strawberry as our town product, our celebration also centers on culture and community. Hence, we have our Owik tan tayao and multi-cultural celebrations on March 16, (where the community members can get their watwat), and our Street Dancing on March 17, We are also fortunate to have Ana Marie Rafael Banaag, herself a Cordilleran , as our festivities’ Guest Speaker.

Because the fiesta also inherently celebrates community, fun-filled events like the Barangay night, barangay floats competition, artistic and musical contests, and a community bonfire were also included in the Strawberry Fest 2018 Calendar.

La Trinidad’s Strawberry Festival evolved from a simple town fiesta in 1981 to commemorate its Patron Saint, St. Joseph, the husband of Mary. It has undergone modifications and refinement: changes in name (“Panaspulan’), to the enactment of the Strawberry Festival Ordinance in 2011, which identified staple events to be implemented every year, and the institution of a Strawberry Festival Executive Committee, which governs the accomplishment of said activities. This year’s Strawberry Festival in its 37th celebration with the theme, “La Trinidad’s Strawberries Forever...”