Domondon: Historical background of kilometer '0' in Baguio requested

COMING as an offshoot of a proposed resolution introduced by City Councilor Arthur Allad-iw requesting the Department of Public Works and Highways-Baguio City District Engineering Office (DPWH-BCDEO) to undertake the necessary repairs on the concrete scale model topography map of the City of Baguio located at the Kilometer "0," Lower Session Road, City Councilor Faustino Olowan manifested during last Monday’s regular council session for the need to come up with a historical background on the Kilometer "0" landmark of the City of Baguio.

In his manifestation during the deliberation of the said proposed resolution, Councilor Olowan pointed out that the Kilometer "0" landmark serves as a basis for the number of kilometers one has to travel to and from the locality and is a significant symbol in the history of the city.

Earlier in the discussion, the proposed resolution of Councilor Allad-iw requesting the DPWH-BCDEO to make repairs on the concrete scale model of the topography map of the city located along Lower Session road was referred to the Committee on Public Works chaired by City Councilor Mylene Yaranon after it was bared by City Councilor Elmer Datuin that he was previously briefed by the City Buildings and Architecture Office (CBAO) who informed him that there are plans being prepared by the said office to renovate and implement a part of the urban renewal activities of the city in that area along Lower Session Road.

Datuin added that CBAO also told him of the plan to make the area tourist friendly and that the concrete scale model of the topography map of the city may in fact be relocated to another area. The alderman added that the plan of the CBAO for that area will be much more extensive and will be more updated such as what was done with Malcolm Square.

Also during the said deliberation of the matter, the temporary presiding officer, City Councilor Peter Fianza, noted that the said topography map in that area of Lower Session Road sometimes becomes an obstacle that makes it difficult for senior citizens to negotiate and thus suggests for its removal and transfer to some other place.

For his part, Councilor Allad-iw explained that his motive for coming up with the proposed resolution is due to the fact that the dilapidated structure has been there already for a very long time without having been repaired or fixed. He said that in the meantime, the comprehensive plan to renovate the structure and the area has not yet been implemented, then it should be repaired so that it can be once again used for tourism purposes as one of the areas to be visited.

In its decision, the City Council agreed to the manifestation of councilor Yaranon for the matter to be referred to her committee so that she can bring it to the attention of the CBAO.

Likewise, Yaranon agreed to the manifestation of Councilor Olowan that in the committee report to be made by the said committee a historical background of the Kilometer "0" landmark at the foot of Session Road shall be incorporated.