Vicente: 108th Baguio Day Charter Arnis

IT’S all systems go for this year’s 108th Baguio Day Charter Arnis National Championships, an annual event celebrating the Baguio Day Charter.

The event is done in cooperation with the Philippine National Sports and Martial Arts of Arnis, the symbol of Philippine history, culture and heritage.

The event is one of the most anticipated Arnis events in the Summer Capital, as everyone is excited to travel up to the highlands to experience the climate and scenery, slated on October 14-15 held at the Baguio City National High School auditorium.

In anticipation for the 2019 Sea Games to be hosted by the Philippines, arnis will be highlighted as a local sport and more importantly as a Filipino martial art.

Arnis is used globally in military, police and security trainings as an effective an self-defense with influences traced to the WW II Escrima, Kali, martial arts.

Arnis has been a part not only of the Filipino law enforcement and special forces but also adapted by many countries with some saying it is the origin of most martial arts all over the world.

The event is also backed by the City Government of Baguio under the City Mayor Mauricio Domogan in partnership with Baguio City High School under Dr. Romulo Flora school principal, supported by Councilor Michael Lawana, the Baguio City Emergency Medical Service under Dr. John Tinoyan, STIX Arnis Equipment, Balbacua Urban Kamote, and Paotsin Baguio, sanctioned by Arnis Philippines Inc.–National Sports Association (NSA) as an official Arnis event.

The official authorized NSA for Arnis in the Philippines Arnis Philippines Inc. is in the forefront in revitalizing sports programs and activities in preparation for the 2019 Sea Games and is on a mission to present the Filipino sport in the coveted event and pave way to a wider international exposure ultimately for the Olympics.

The battle cry of the NSA, “Arnis to the World, Arnis to the Olympics,” all work is being undertaken through Arnis Pederasyon Internasyonal (i-Arnis) to leave no stone unturned and to realize the goal starting with an Asian Arnis Encounter in 2018 as a prelude to the 2019 Sea Games.

Arnis activities like the 108th Baguio Day Charter Arnis National Championships 2017 is equally important for the sport, the organizations and their athletes to have available avenues for athlete to hone and test their skills guided by proper standards of the sport and safety.

We welcome everyone to the 108th Baguio Day Charter Arnis National Championships!

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