Sungduan: Modern jeepney

AN ADDED transport service for tourism may soon start operation in Baguio City before the year ends.

1-Transport Equipment Aggregator & Management, Inc. (1-TEAM) Operations Manager Perfecto Itliong Jr. said at least 15 Euro IV compliant units of Beep, short for “bagong jeep” or modern jeepney are ready to cater to the needs of tourists in the Summer Capital, giving them the comfort they deserve while enjoying their travel to the different tourist destinations.

Earlier, he met with the different sectors in tourism including Department of Tourism-Cordillera Regional Director Venus Tan for the needed recommendation which is a requirement of the Department of Transportation to operate.

Tan said Beep will be an added service to the tourism sector which will be good for all tourists who will come to Baguio. Riding in the environmental friendly vehicle also means not spending much for the fare.

Since it is Euro 4 compliant, Beep passengers’ safety will also be assured as it also uses the latest technology for the protection of travelers.

Itliong said Mayor Mauricio Domogan approved the building of Beep garage at Barangay Gibraltar with plans to expand.

Eight operators are now supporting the modernization program in compliance with the Omnibus Franchising guidelines with a few refusing to adopt the program.

1-TEAM is giving free seminars to those who have apprehensions on jeepney modernization. They are also open to those who would like to avail their services which will be given without down payment.

Apart from our good climate, giving the best services to our visitors like the comfort of transportation and amenities are the best things we can offer to make them remember and enjoy their stay in this beautiful city.

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