Bautista: No Sweat

Peter Rey Bautista

I HAD twelve kilometers on my first outdoor run for the year. I did a few practice runs of six kilometers but indoors on a treadmill.

My normal routine is always a reverse triathlon. Not what you think but close enough. I normally run an hour then bike for thirty minutes then another thirty for a swim. Time is always a consideration. On the mill I normally register an average of six kilometers then another six on the bike but half the time then to the pool for a kilometer swim. Some will say "grabe" some of my "fit" friends will say, only? Well no reason from me for anyone. This is my routine and I'm comfortable with it.

Almost too comfortable as I don't feel tired. Really. I will only reach out for a towel on the four to five kilometer portion of my run. The maximum time on the treadmill is only an hour. I would ask for more except there are others too who would want to use it too. It is in the stationary bike where I would sweat more. While my shirt on would not show of any sweat yet, it definitely will be different when I get to the pool, obvious naman.

I will always choose to do this during high time meaning noon time. I just love to run, bike or swim at this time. I would always run with a jacket on. Hoping for maximum sweat from what I do. But I seem to not as sweat as every Juan.

Even when I was young, despite playing basketball for a long time I still will not sweat. Golf, no way. I was wet on a bike trip from Mt. Polis in Mt. Province to Banaue. We biked during a storm, that's why. I guess when I run or bike outdoors my sweat would just be fast to dry up too. Unlike some of my friends, they either carry with them another shirt or a towel. Others in the sport have fast dry apparel. I will wear a jacket, and despite the hot noon sun, I don't really break a sweat.

In most of my runs, I would just feel my feet. From blisters. My problem is not my strength or will power, I have it. I have flat feet. My endurance is just quite incredible. I don't get tired. I just keep on running. Unfortunately it is blisters that just makes me stop. I get home nursing a bloodied sock but still no sweat. I could have ran further than twelve kilometers if my feet was fine. Last year, I ran eighteen only as I couldn't think of a place to run anymore and the sun coming down. I went up Tip Top but worse was heading back down, it was just too hard for me and my knees. My pace heading up was probably faster than getting back down. It is also when I will feel the blistering on my feet and a signal to start heading home.

Some will say that I may be lacking hydration. Well maybe. I just can't seem to drink before any physical activity. Mostly I will feel stomach cramps. Plus liquids in my tummy feels awkward while running. No problem after. Liquids it will be. Gatorade seems to work after when I feel dizzy. But that is just my routine. I can just go on and on. I don't also stretch as much and Joy just shakes her head. My body is just weird I guess.

My tolerance for pain is so high. So with alcohol intake, I get dizzy with chocolates more often than not. Coffee won't make me sleep. I love chilies, of any kind. Maybe it could also be the Capsasin found in chilies that acts as a pain reliever. In any case I will sweat more from these. Good food, hot and spicy. I do have a collection of vinegar from every place. I will mix them. I drink them too.

Apple Cider add some salt and chilies will take my cough and colds away. I will surely sweat from this. And when my body feels sore and in pain, I know that I will get sick and then fever. It is then that I will don my thick jackets or hoodies and sweat it out until my clothing is all wet. But then the fever gone surely.

Some will say that my skin pores are just closed. Maybe again. After my run, bike and swim it is always a cold shower. Maybe that too. Then most of the time it is the sauna for me. There I will sweat it out.

Am I alarmed with all this. Maybe yes. While it may not make any sense at all, it does for me. I just know my body and where to take it to its limit. I will just keep on doing what I do. It may be different but that is just how it is. No Sweat!