Tuba folk firm in opposing Baguio's transfer station

RESIDENTS of Tuba town stand firm in their opposition to the Baguio staging area for solid waste at the Dairy Farm.

Barangay Poblacion Captain Oliver Paus said "Their position is still the same until today. The people are against the operations of the transfer facility.”

Tuba Municipal Health Officer Dra. Lorigrace Austria adviced the stakeholders to take extra precaution in taking care of their health.

"Keeping the flies away, screening their windows keeping the mosquitoes away, they see to it that their pipelines will not be covered by the leachate which can be contaminated."

Austria added "Since flies will swarm it is advisable that houses will use screen, close their doors to avoid flies going into their food transferring bacteria."

Barangay Poblacion councilor Mely Saingan said residents are affected by the stench of the staging area early in the morning and late afternoon.

Petitioners opposing the garbage dumping area said Baguio started to dump truckloads of garbage at lower Dontogan along Marcos Highway without public consultation.

Petitioners said "The nearby elementary and secondary schools are located just 120 meters away from the staging area; hence, it affects the health of our young learners who stay in the schools for the whole day.”

Residents fear water sources of the residents of the lower sitios could be affected including the springs located below with the accumulated garbage of the said staging area.