LGUs urged to augment funds for peace and order programs

BONTOC, Mountain Province -- A police advisory council is requesting local government units to allot an amount for use of the Mt. Province Provincial Public Safety Company (MPPSC) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in its internal security operations (ISO) and other related peace and order programs.

In its regular council meeting, the MPPSC Advisory Council chaired by retired Philippine Army Colonel Paulo Pagteilan came up with a resolution asking local government units to augment the ISO fund the MPPSC is receiving from its mother organization, the PNP.

MPPSC officials told members of the council their operational budget is not enough considering the many added peace and order programs their company is undertaking.

Police Officer 2 Martina Tumapang said aside from their primary ISO functions which are going after the insurgents and their illegal activities and serving of warrant of arrest to high value targets, the Company also supports other law enforcement operations such as the conduct of preventive patrols on vital installations, provide security to VIPs visiting the province, search and rescue operations, anti-illegal drug campaign, among other inherent police functions.

The council agreed there is a need to support the MPPSC so it can fully implement its peace and order plans and programs.

The PAC, with multi-sectoral members, was created in line with the implementation of the PNP’s Integrated Transformation Program-Performance Governance System or PNP Patrol Plan 2030, the PNP’s blueprint of transformation being implemented nationwide.

It will guide and provide insights on key issues and concerns pertaining to the MPPSC’s plans, programs and activities geared towards the realization of the vision and attainment of the mission of the Company.

The council will also assist and advise the MPPSC on possible ways to generate additional enabling resources in order to support and sustain the company’s peace and order programs. (Andrew Doga-ong/PIA – CAR)