La Trinidad aims for 25-ton salad

A 25-TON vegetable salad is being targeted by stakeholders of the industry to promote the municipality of La Trinidad as the vegetable capital of the country.

The giant salad will be composed of carrots, lettuce varieties like green ice and ice berg, lolorosa, romaine, cucumber and tomatoes.

Agusta Balanoy, head of the Benguet Farmers’ Marketing Cooperative, said the League of Associations in the La Trinidad Vegetable Trading area wants to make the biggest veggie salad.

Balanoy said it is not certain if the preparation will be able to invite representatives from the Guinness World Book of Records to make the entry official.

“Looking at the documents needed to prepare for the Guinness, we might not be able to make it on time but if in case it happens, it will be a practice or a preparatory activity for next year,” Balanoy said.

Balanoy said the number of people to be served on the day of the unveiling is yet to be determined.

The league recently sought the support of Vice Mayor Joey Marrero and the Municipal Council to stage the event slated next month.

Balanoy said support from the government would mean the use of the facilities and augmentation of funds for the feat.

The league is composed of various associations whose members are stakeholders of the local vegetable industry; from buyers, disposers, farmers, packers and porters composed of 16 associations, headed by Nora Ganase.

The Baguio Association of Hotels and Inns first staged the Tossed Salad festival in the city in 2001. (Maria Elena Catajan)