Del Rosario: Endings and beginnings

Angie del Rosario

DO YOU love beginnings?

I believe most people do. After all, many beginnings bring with it a fresh promise, a fresh start, or maybe another chance to do better.

Imagine the beginning of a romantic relationship, the start of a dream project, the beginning of the year. Aren’t these all instances full of excitement and joy? Yet, there is no assurance that the relationship will last, nor your project will succeed, and the year will proceed the way you envision it.

Nevertheless, we ought to face each beginning with a positive mindset, give our very best, and hope for the best. Whatever the outcome is, what no one can take away from us is the experience itself, and the lessons that go with it.

It is almost the end of January. In a few days, we will begin again the new month of February. But, January IS the first month, and the beginning of the New Year. So naturally, January for most of us brought with it a lot of promise. It came with a big bang! Unless you slept through the evening of December 31, when the seemingly endless fireworks brightened the skies of Baguio as the countdown for the New Year took place. ?

Seriously speaking, if you started the year with some doubts and fears, specifically on how this year will turn out to be, be consoled. You are not alone. It is normal to experience fear. What may not be healthy is to continually dwell on our fears.

Again, I like to emphasize to focus instead on the positive. Let us overcome our fears by always “seeing the good, assuming the best, and being ready to excuse.”

My Dearest SunStar Readers,

Last December 15, during the Pines City Toastmaster’s club meeting and Christmas exchange gift, I was blessed to receive “Life Dreams Success Planner” written by Bo Sanchez. I excitedly read and answered the questions at the beginning of the planner, regarding my personal life mission and life dreams. I wrote in detail how I wanted my spiritual, family, work, financial, physical, emotional and intellectual life to look like. I wrote what achievements I wanted in life before I die. What I specially like about the planner is the portion where action steps are encouraged to be written every week.

I have to confess that while I excitedly filled up my action steps during the first three weeks, I missed to do so this week. ?

As January ends and February begins, fear starts to creep in, whether I will succeed in achieving my goals or not. I tell myself the same thing. See the good, assume the best, be ready to excuse and forgive (myself especially.) A new day will come, a new beginning, another chance to do better. I will start over again, and do everything with love.

So, dear Readers, let’s continue to be filled with gratitude in our hearts for the month that was and the month that is to unfold. Mike, my husband likes to quote, “Begin with the end in mind.” Whether we like it or not, endings and beginnings are all a part of life.

Let us focus on the goals that we have set for ourselves to achieve. Let us start again and do everything, even if afraid. And let’s remember to do everything for the greater glory of God, so that when our “end” comes, we will be ready to face Him.
May your 2018 be filled with happy and successful endings and beginnings!

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end." – Revelation 22:13