Cajucom: Love yourself

Regina May Cajucom

NO, I AM not about to make a scholarly analysis of Justin Bieber’s hit song.

I am suffering through the longest writer’s block episode. Ever.
Could it be midlife crisis? I’m thinking I’m probably way past that. Could it be the lack of significant events in my life? I don’t think so…last I checked I go through at least three to five significant happenings daily albeit just seemingly inconsequential everyday miracles and other such amusing things. Could it be this agonizing drought in my Kindle moments? I have been having bouts with my dry-eye syndrome for several weeks now, which leaves me frustrated not even being able to finish one chapter of my current read, “Letters to the Lost” (Iona Grey, 2015), without my eyes getting all warm, misty and itchy. Could it be the mid-season hiatus of “The Vampire Diaries”? Probably not, as I get a daily dose of Ian Somerhalder in social media anyways. Could it be I’m running out of sweet serendipities? Nope, that I refuse to believe. I think each of us is entitled to at least one or two serendipitous moments every day, if we just know where to look.

Oftentimes, we are preoccupied with our worrying and whining that we overlook the essentials. How many times have we felt so drained by the time we get to work because we allow ourselves to be bothered by traffic, when we can use that time to chat with our spouse or our kids during the commute? Or if travelling alone, we can make use of that time to catch up on our reading or listen to our favorite music. How many times have we wasted our energy being constantly annoyed with some things we do at work, when we can use it as an opportunity to be productive in the workplace and to be of help to others, be it to clients or co-workers?

There are times we berate ourselves for taking long naps, or for “wasting” precious time watching movies or television. It’s time to stop being too hard on ourselves. I love that quote which goes, “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” As long as you know your limits where idleness and procrastination is concerned, taking steps to rejuvenate and re-energize the best way you know how is not something you should feel bad about. You should try it every weekend, I think weekends are especially made for those precious moments. “Work hard, play harder” is one of my life’s mantras.

So I will practice what I preach and not worry too much, but I hope this writer’s block perishes any time soon.