'Laru-Laro Lang' opens at the Café

THREE young Baguio City creatives come together for the first time in this group show at Café by the Ruins, which has been an artist hub since it opened in 1988. It is but fitting that this Café which emphasizes art and friendship as well as food is the one that is instrumental in bringing these kids together for “Laru-Laro Lang”.

The young artists are Hopie Ambanloc, Kaaro Palaganas, and Sakura Alangui.

Ten year old Hopie is a dinosaur enthusiast. She has worked with a number of materials in her art making: acrylic paint, terracotta clay, even electrical tape for miniature sculptures. She shows a proficiency in imagining shapes in 3d and skill in making it come to life. Hers are the four pieces of dinosaur sculptures in modeling clay.

Kaaro is a twelve year old unschooler who spends his time exploring the many possibilities of art creation; from origami paper folding to paper sculptures, from knitting and crocheting to digital painting. He brings everything together in a series of mixed media work that exude a strong sense of whimsy.

Eleven year old Sakura’s favorite medium is watercolor. Her still life and flower paintings show strong lines and confident strokes. In her own words: “I’ve been loving watercolor so much and my favorite technique is wet into wet. I find it amazing when colors blend on their own in water. I enjoy doing wash backgrounds using the water where I rinse my brushes. I call this ‘dirty water’”.

The show runs for two months; from February 28 to April 26, 2018 at Cafe by the Ruins Dua in 225 Upper Session Road, Baguio City.