New Malcolm Square inauguration set December 15

MAYOR Mauricio Domogan and Congressman Mark Go will lead other officials and guests during the inauguration of the newly-renovated and rehabilitated Malcolm Square scheduled on December 15 starting 4 p.m.

Also known as People’s Park, it is named after American Justice George Malcolm, who led in the creation of the city’s charter.

The new Malcolm Square hopes to be a world-class people-friendly multi-function events area for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan earlier said the P8.9 million project which began April is expected to restore the area into its original status as a plaza for various public and private activities.

Councilor Elmer Datuin, who proposed the restoration project, said it is high time to restore the old grandeur and intended purpose of the area as a plaza and open space ideal for all kinds of events.

Among its features are a collapsible and movable stage, bigger capacity audience area, areas ideal for arts and exhibits while the sitting area usually occupied by senior citizens will be retained including the Malcolm bust.

The city buildings and architecture office which prepared the program of work describes the project as an open space allowing for multiple types of activities. The wedge shape and gradual slope of the site is taken advantage of by introducing a stepped surface that may function as platforms for viewing during speaker-led events and a stage for others.
The description added the space would also allow for mobile stages and setups to be fabricated anywhere within the square allowing it to be used for different purposes such as theatrical performances, concerts, fairs and art exhibitions.

The main square is distinctively defined by randomly striped dark grey and white monolithic tiles. Striped grass and pavers, new timber clad benches and a pedestrian street at one of the edges while the street on the south side would accommodate the heavy pedestrian traffic from Session Road effectively extending it and gentrifying the area. This could eventually spur the redevelopment of the building s around the square and introduce new destinations for tourists and locals.”

The project also covers the rehabilitation of the drainage system and construction of a rainwater catchment retention cistern for flood control. Gaby Keith/PIO)