Pacete: Countdown for Bacolod drug lords

Ver F. Pacete

BACOLOD is a precious jewel for Negros Occidental being our capital city. It has been declared the Top Model City. Money Sense Magazine chose Bacolod as “The best city to live in.” The Bacolodnons are noted for their gentility and taste for good life.

Illegal drugs have become almost a number one problem in our country. Our neighbor city (Iloilo) has been considered by the President as “shabulized.” Iloilo’s “drug lord standing,” Richard Prevendido,” has been pinned down. Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog put a price for his head just to prove that he is running after “Buang,” the moniker for the eel-like “drug monarch.”

Bacolod has not escaped the proliferation of illegal drugs. We would like to believe that our city officials here are not into drugs… as protectors, drug lords or just users. We see the “best effort” of our city officials to fight against drugs, but Bacolodnons expect more than just the “best effort.” They want to see results. They want to see “drug-free” barangays not “drugs are free.”

It was alleged by some media men that Senior Superintendent Jack Wanky, our Bacolod City Police Office acting director, has already identified drug lords in Bacolod.

Congratulations Chief! We don’t need a Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido here in Bacolod to kick ass with the drug lords. What we need is “Jack, the drug lord buster.” Can Sir Jack do this? Yes! We want to see him become a general before his retirement… and he has to reap his first star in Bacolod.

Sir Jack can learn from Senior Superintendent Marlon Tayaba on how to organize “operational research team” to confirm the whereabouts, activities, associates and assets of these “Bacolod drug lords.” It will not take a long time considering that Bacolod has people who want to live in harmony. They cannot live in harmony with drug addicts. Our Bacolod media men (and the city officials with the residents) should start a countdown for Sir Jack in the fight against drugs.

Everyday should be a “countdown day” for Sir Jack until it reaches the “final countdown.” It has to be under a time pressure. Can you do it, Sir Jack? Make Bacolodnons happy. We believe that these drug lords are also Christians. If they are Catholics, they donate to the Church and confess their social sins to the priest.

The priest can always tell the drug lord before absolution, “Repent and renew my son. I don’t want you to become fallen angel. Renew your life. Surrender your drug lordship and become a soldier for Christ. Christ does not want to see your head rolling.” A priest can give advice better than what I write here. I am not a priest.

Drug lords should know their Bible. To oppose them, Sir Jack can start a “Drug Armageddon” in some “shabulized barangays” in Bacolod. (Please refer to the Revelation of St. John the Divine.) We don’t want Sir Jack to be drastic. He has to follow the rules of engagement. Bacolod wants a “due process” for the “Dons” of drugs.

Our tri-media and social media can always inspire Sir Jack in his “Operation: Apocalypse Now” for the Bacolod drug lords. Our city officials can do what Mayor Mabilog did… a price for the heads of drug lords captured alive. If they die during the arrest because they “fired” first, at least they die within the law.

Sir Jack, MassKara Festival will soon be here. Prove that your men have “balls.” We want a drug-free Bacolod before the festival. We cannot afford to promote tourism and drugs at the same time. The police officers of Sir Jack should wholeheartedly join the anti-drug crusade. Stand up and fight like a knight. Make your future grandchildren proud of you.

Barangay officials, we need your full support and cooperation. Rock city hall (Bacolod Government Center) with your cooperation. Pastors, ministers and priests… walk your talk. Even Christ swept the temple of God full of crooks. Let’s do the countdown together… 1, 2, 3, 4…