Pacete: Moments to remember in September

Ver F. Pacete

SEPTEMBER is the ninth month of the Gregorian calendar. It is taken from the Latin numeral “septem” which means seven since it was the seventh month of the Roman calendar. Emperor Caligula (the very dirty old man) named September “Germanicus” in honor of his father Germanicus Caesar. The change was short lived.

The Filipinos always remember September, the month Martial Law was declared in the Philippines. President Ferdinand Marcos did it on Sept. 21, 1972. The symbol for September is Virgo or the Virgin. (I was once requested in a cultural interaction to share about Virgo. It was that good until I reached a portion that the non-virgins reacted violently. I was obliged to agree with them that virginity is not always an asset.)

In tourism, September is Tourism Month. Tourism officers make themselves busy with so many events… tourism quiz, tour guiding competition, lecture series, familiarization tour, food presentation, product exhibition, and guided tours. The association of Negros Producers (ANP) will hold the Negros Trade Fair in Manila on Sept. 26- Oct. 1. This is a rare opportunity that Negros can showcase its best products in the trade fair. It is one good moment also for towns and cities to showcase their tourism potentials and investment packages.

It was on Sept. 3, 1898 that the “La Independencia,” official newspaper of the revolutionary government was first printed and it was edited by Antonio Luna. On Sept. 5, 1976, the Philippine International Convention Center, the largest and most modern institution in the Philippines for world conferences and meetings, was inaugurated at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex (CCP). In 1969, CCP was established by Imelda Romualdez Marcos.

On Sept. 16, 1991, the Philippine Senate rejected the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Security that would extend the stay of the U.S. bases in our country. As mentioned earlier, President Marcos declared Martial Law on Sept. 21, 1972 otherwise known as Proclamation 1081. Marcos wants to save the Republic from nationwide crime and violence. This was funny and painful. Congress was abolished and Marcos created his “rubber stamp,” the semi parliament Batasang Pambansa.

Presidential Decree No. 211 (Sept. 22, 1943) declared our National Anthem and National Flag as official symbols. It was on Sept. 30, 1898 that Emilio Aguinaldo had his Proclamation of Independence and this was ratified by Malolos Congress. The special flowers of September are the morning glory and the aster while its gem is the sapphire.

The Christian calendar has provided names for babies born in September. I have here some samples for girls: Constancia, Calixta, Maxima, Serapia, Obdulia, Teodora, Perpetua, Constancia, Teopista, Fausta, Justina, and Eustaquia.

The boys have their Christian names also taken from the names of saints… Prisco, Victorio, Elpidio, Viterbo, Lorenzo, Eugenio, Petronio, Zacarias, Clodwaldo, Nestonio, Gorgonio, Severino, Emiliano, Leoncio, Guido, Cipriano, Necomedes, Pofirio, Cresencio, Genaro, Eustaqio, Mateo, Panfilo, Mauricio, Candido, Dalmacio, Cosme, and Eutiquio.

We don’t make fun of these names. My parents named me after one of those. We would like you to know how we compare and contrast the naming of the children before and now. Names are still the same. Modern parents have just made them better sounding.

We have here some samples: Maria Eleuteria (Mae), Restituta (Resty), Democrita (Critz), Olempia (Ole), Irenea (Renz), Bienvineda (Benny), Crispolo (Cris), Braulio (Brawl), Procopio (Procy), Eutequio (Ticky), Leoncio (Leony), Esteban (Steve), Gorgonio (Gonie), Wenceslao (Wency) and Clodwaldo (Clody).

September in our Almanaque Panayanhon is “Kangu-rulsol.” It sounds hard but it may mean “risky” especially when you travel at sea. This could have been a part of the belief of our sea-faring ancestors based on “Maragtas.” This could be based also in our own “Bakunawa,” the legendary giant snake that changes the position of its body (head and tail) based on the four weather conditions in a year.

Enjoy September. It is the month that starts mental Christmas because of BER. It’s near the bonus month, December.