You got a friend

Recently, I attended our high school reunion. It made me realize how wonderful it is to have friends whom we don’t see often but the connection is still there. The friendship is still the same. It was like we just saw each other yesterday. We laughed together and have so much fun. We also acted like we were still in high school.

I also have friends whom I see often. They made me feel extra special during my birthday month that I feel blessed and loved. It made me grateful that I am rich having these friends.

All of us have friends. A friend is a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. This friend could be a neighbor, a classmate and even a family member.

There are different kinds of friends – an acquaintance, a friend or a true/close friend. A close friend is someone we can rely on, someone whom we trust. Trust is essential to a friendship.

Friends are people whom we run to when we are have good news and yes, bad news. They listen to us, they understand us, they give us their support but they also tell you when you do something wrong. Of course, it is a give and take relationship. Friends help you overcome problems by confiding in them. They make you feel good. They are there with you in times of happiness and grief.

Friends are good for you. A friend…

F – fights for you
R – rejuvenates you
I - inspires you
E – encourages you
N – never lets you down
D – defends you
S – supports you

There are people who consider their family members (their siblings, cousins, even parents) as their friends. Some marry their best friend.

We all have friends who make us happier. They are good for our mental health. We all got a friend. Count it as a blessing!