Let’s get physical

EXERCISING is good for the health and also for our well-being. Doctors often advise their patients to do physical activities. Exercise can help improve one’s self-esteem and can even make you forget problems for awhile. It can prevent a mental disorder like depression or anxiety. It lessens stress. In Positive Psychology, having a healthy lifestyle can make one happier.

There are many forms of exercise. It is important that one finds his or her form of exercise. One may choose running, some yoga while others like to walk. Many enjoy enrolling in a gym where there is a variety of equipment to choose from. There are even dancing (zumba, aerobics) and swimming available in some health centers.

Remember these tips from Pursuit of Happiness. Org when exercising:
If possible, engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate-intense physical activity on a daily basis.

Vary the type of exercise you do, and choose activities that use your strengths and that you enjoy.

For those who cannot do high impact workouts, try low impact activities like walking, swimming, or biking.

Always drink water.

What are (some) benefits of exercising?

Increases the happy hormones
Can make you sleep better
Increases strengths and flexibity
Improves your memory
Live longer
Meet new friends
Builds self-confidence
Lessens sickness
Reduces stress
Perform better at work

Exercising can be hard in the beginning but it can also be addicting once you have started. You may want to do it all the time. Start now, let’s get physical!