Spreading love

Rose Jessica Octaviano

LOVE is an emotion that everyone experiences. Based on the classical books by Aristotle and Plato, there are seven types of love.

Eros - romantic love
Philia - friendship love
Storge - familial love
Agape - universal love (e.g. kove for God, strangers or nature)
Ludus - playful and uncommitted love
Pragma - practical love (e.g. founded in duty)
Philautia - self love (healthy or unhealthy)

So yes, we all experience love. Love should be shared. We should show our love for others. We feel good when we spread the love.

Love can help another person. It can make him secure. A child who experiences the love from his father and mother may grow up to have a healthier and happier life. A person who has a loved one is more confident.

Spread the love. Love can give hope to the lonely. Love can bring joy to the disadvantaged persons.

A person who feels loved may move forward faster when a trauma happens to him or her.

Resilience is the ability to recover from traumatic events. Examples of traumatic events are man-made or disasters like rape, accidents, war, earthquakes, loss, or death.

A person who is resilient sees themselves as safe, capable and lovable. Spreading the love could be a form of a blessing or simple touch to show you care. This could be contagious.

Spread your love… now.